Kourtney is a stay-at-home mom, creative strategist and volunteer-a-holic. She has enjoyed a variety of jobs in media, fashion, events, the arts, pro sports and the non-profit sector. A self-proclaimed gypsy, Kourtney has moved over 40 times, visited 35 of the 50 states and traveled to India, Cuba, South Korea, Spain, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Philipines, New Zealand and the Marshall Islands.



Her global concerns include human trafficking corporate manipulation of food and water supplies, pharmaceutical domination and US economy’s dependence on war profiteering.  She volunteers on a local, national and international level and works out at a fabulously stinky, dingy, poster-laden boxing gym in her current city of residence, New Rochelle, NY on the Long Island Sound. Kourtney is currently designing her second house in less than three years and is up to her ears in drywall and polyurethane.

PASSION POINTS: parenting, education, health and wellness, politics